City council has set its sights high

The kitzingen city council will have to hold its horses when it meets on thursday from 17:00 onwards.45 o’clock wants to manage its extensive agenda.

The range of topics is enormous. Here are some points that have long been on the agenda.

Until well after midnight, a total of 33 program points were on the program in a prunksitzung, above all with many dance high points. The three dance marionettes michelle wolf from gobweinstein, madlene eckert from pottenstein and most professional verena adelhardt from hannberg were magnificent. Over 70 dancers whirled the whole evening alternately over the parquet and the dance beginning made after the presentation of the princes pairs the 20 dancers strong group fun kids with the guard dance.

The show dances impressed not only with their dancing skills, but also with their ingenuity in creating a variety of colorful costumes. The smallest of the rasselbande were dressed this time as gummibarchen, the maxi-dancers as barbies or at the very end the manner of the castle gazelles first as ancient olympians and then as bavarian trachtenbuam and madla.

Kronach schoolchildren prove that theory alone is boring

Filling learning content with life and not simply filing away results are two of the goals of a project that the realschule I and the lorenz-kaim vocational school have tackled together. The project group headed by matthias klinke wants to build a bridge between theoretical teaching results and real-life applications.

Eleven students from grades seven to ten are sitting intently in a classroom at the vocational school, simulating the programming of a robot. Its gripper arm is to sort black and white logs from A to B.

Local gardeners could design these driveways, was the idea. A financial approach should be provided.
Mayor german hacker (SPD) was of the opinion that the local entrances were already highlighted or spared in many places. His proposal: the administration prepares a selection of possible sites for improvement and clarifies the framework conditions. Then the planning committee could discuss what should be done, and then solicit bids.
The mabnahmen are also not so easy, because the invaders are mostly not in municipal responsibility, but belong to the state or the county.
Dieter handel (SPD) from niederndorf does not like it. He mentioned the entrance to his village coming from erlangen, which is not at all attractive because of stored junk cars and old tires. Only perhaps two kilometers further pits in the city herzogenaurach, in high of the vocational school, but schone signs and flowerbeds. Although it is the same street.

One thing was clear to claudia and ulrich jobst from the very beginning: they definitely wanted to return to a pastorate in the countryside. And this request was to be fulfilled against. Claudia and ulrich jobst are the new buchau pastoral couple. They thus ended the one-year vacancy that began with the departure of pastor wolfgang heidenreich.

At least ulrich jobst is somewhat familiar with buchau. The 41-year-old was born in kulmbach and grew up in lichtenfels. The rude parents came from folschnitz. "When we visited them, we often went via buchau. I have always liked this place", he explains. When the position was advertised, he said he could well imagine "that it would fit.

Berlin completely abolishes daycare fees

Social policy milestone in berlin: in future, parents will no longer have to pay contributions to have their children looked after in daycare centers or by childminders.

From 1. August, childcare will no longer cost anything, even for children under one year old; the other five years before the start of school had already been gradually exempted from contributions since 2007. However, parents in all age groups will still have to pay for meals at daycare centers in the future.

The municipality of pressig plans to tackle its major project this year, namely the new construction of its school in rothenkirchen. Total costs are expected to be just under five million euros. This year 600000 euros have been allocated to the project in the budget. As the head of the school and future mayor stefan heinlein (CSU) explained, the intention is to demolish the teacher’s apartment attached to the school building this year.

The last municipal council meeting under the leadership of hans pietz was dominated by figures, the farewell of the mayor and municipal council members who will no longer hold office in the coming legislative period. Because of corona this took place in the firehouse.

No german - no schooling? Criticism of linnemann

The deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, carsten linnemann (CDU), has triggered a heated debate with his proposal to delay the enrollment of children with poor german skills in school.

"The proposal is wrong. Children must start school when they reach compulsory school age," the federal chairwoman of the elementary school association, maresi lassek, told SWR radio on tuesday. Schools are set to receive children with different language skills, she said. Finally, there were a number of children from german-speaking families who had serious language problems.

Mitwitz – "built from living stones", this was the motto of the community celebration of the protestant church community mitwitz on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the community center.
The anniversary was opened with a festive service in the jakobskirche church, where pastor burkhard sachs gave the sermon. People are "living building blocks" the material from which god builds his church, he explained. That makes the building project particularly exciting, because no two stones are alike.
Pastor i.R. Heinz muller, under whose direction the "old school" was built the church, which was rebuilt and inaugurated in 1989, commemorated the event with a greeting. 25 years ago, when the massive tree removal was completed, the entire church community was happy that the building had been completed. Young people's group, women's group, senior citizens' group, children's choir, choir of the floten, church choir, trombone choir and the diaconia station were pleased with the new rooms. "At the same time we were all aware", so pastor muller "that this beautiful and with a lot of effort built house only makes sense if it is filled with life again and again."
So he was grateful that this had succeeded and that the community center showed clear signs of lively use. "It was good, dear mitwitzers, that you demanded, helped build and paid for this project back then." The festive service was musically framed by the gospel choir.
Afterwards, there was a colorful and varied program of festivities for young and old until the early evening hours. This includes, among other things, a traffic park in the parish courtyard for the children, a building block room, a play area and face painting for children.
The community festival was also enriched by a performance of the kindergarten, a book table, wood and knitwear sales, a rough tombola and a prize competition. Under the guidance of the mitwitz hobby historian friedrich burger there was the possibility to climb the tower of the jakobskirche and to visit the bells from the closest proximity.
There were information boards on the history of the old school and the origins of the community center. The youth group "teenkids poured cocktails. In the early evening hours, a "theatrical thriller" rounded off the event the community festival from: "bloody trail in the community center".
Half of the proceeds from the community festival will be used to maintain the community center, and the other half will go to the hospital ward of the partner deanery in tanzania. 

One day after the fatal shootings, the police in sparks announced further details on tuesday: the twelve-year-old perpetrator had brought the semi-automatic weapon from home to the school. The boy killed himself with a gunshot to the head on school grounds, said police chief tom miller. There was still no information about his possible motives.

Two twelve-year-old schoolchildren suffer injuries. They were hit in the shoulder and abdomen by bullets. Her condition was classified as "stable" several hours after the incident.