Firefighters prepare for big anniversary year

The altenkunstadt fire department was able to present an impressive balance sheet at this year's annual general meeting. The firefighters were called upon to deal with around 100 incidents. Another topic was the association's year 2021, when the fire department will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

Mayor robert hummer emphasized that the fire department needs plan will continue to be implemented in the municipality of altenkunstadt. Now that the fire station and the vehicle in maineck and at the burkheim fire station have been completed, the parking space at the baiersdorf fire station has been finished and the purchase of the vehicle has been commissioned. In woffendorf, the fire station building was demolished, while in strossendorf, a plot of land was purchased so that the fire department can plan for the new fire station.

As district fire inspector thilo kraus explained, the firefighters were also challenged due to the drought and during some heavy rain events, as well as with the respiratory protection above ground. At the same time, he announced that the respiratory protection route in burgkunstadt would in future be managed full-time by thomas petterich, on 20. The first supra-regional information evening in ebensfeld is scheduled for march 3. October the district firefighters association celebrates its 25th anniversary with a festive evening in the kordigasthalle.

District fire chief michael kannengieber spoke about the recent florian day and suggested that the fire brigades in burgkunstadt and altenkunstadt should organize the event together again.

Commander marco weidner was able to point to 100 operational services, including 32 firefighting missions and 25 technical assistance missions. As part of the fire department's action week, there was a special youth event at the lake in maineck, which was very well received by the public. Weidner also referred to the first evening of classes on 29 september. January.

The head of respiratory protection, bernd scherer, was able to point to a current total of 37 trained respiratory protection personnel, who provided around 1,000 of the most varied deployment and training hours in the past year.

The leader of the youth group, michael baier, gave an insight into youth work, with both technical firefighting and leisure activities; among other things, the bavarian youth performance test could be taken.

The children's fire department is also very popular, as bianca will explained, and spoke of 38 girls and boys, whereby the head of the children's fire department issued the motto: "no one is too small to be a helper".

The two festival directors ottmar jahn and georg fiedler gave a brief status report on the 150th anniversary of the foundation, which took place on 4 june. To 7. June 2021; it is under the patronage of district administrator christian meibner and is connected with the district fire brigade day for the district of lichtenfels. Previously it will be on 22. May already give a festive reception in the kordigasthalle.

The event from the point of view of the fire department association showed chairman andreas will, who referred to the participation in the new year's reception, the floriansmesse, the jubilee of the 1. FC altenkunstadt, the kirchweih, the strabenfest, the day of mourning, a comradeship evening, a winter hike and the christmas party.

Already in the run-up of the fire-brigade anniversary there was with the appearance of michl muller in the cordigasthalle a foretaste of it, whereby chairman will – also owing to the 72 aids, who were in use -, spoke of a super meeting.

This year, the club's excursion will take place from 12 to 12 june. Until 14. June to the region of zell am see in salzburger land. 

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