Germanwings co-pilot also inspected by us authorities

Germanwings co-pilot also inspected by us authorities

According to reports in U.S. Media, the then flight instructor andreas lubitz is said to have initially concealed pre-existing mental illnesses in a questionnaire for his pilot’s license in 2010, but then admitted to it after all.

On inquiry, he then produced documents in which a german psychiatrist certified the recovery of his patient from a depressive episode. For this purpose, drugs had been used, which were gradually reduced, he said. The FAA finally issued the desired license for the USA.

Lufthansa declined to comment on the document-backed disclosures in the "new york times," among other publications, citing ongoing investigations. The documents were only known through the publications of the US media, said a spokesman on thursday.

French investigators suspect lubitz of causing the crash of germanwings airbus on 24. Marz deliberately caused the deaths of 149 passengers. Before that, he is said to have locked the captain out of the cockpit.

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