Investor holds on to project despite conditions

The domizilium group of companies is still planning to build a new senior center with inpatient and day-care facilities as well as assisted living in wurzburger strabe in hammelburg. On request, the group of companies informed us that they were currently waiting for an answer to the preliminary building application from the district office of bad kissingen. The city council had approved the plans on the condition, among other things, that the two buildings would have no more than three stories above ground.

"The conditions we’ve been given so far mean we have to reschedule, but it’s doable", the group summarizes the current status, and: "an economically viable realization of the project is still possible, so we would like to continue working on the project."

The start of construction depends to a large extent on the lead times for the approvals. "As soon as we have green light, we would like to start at the site." The domizilium group of companies specializes, according to its own information, in project development and the construction of social and senior citizen properties – among other things in small towns and rural regions. According to the homepage, the "andreas bodenstein" residential home was opened in january 2020 inaugurated in karlstadt. The group invested around 15 million euros in this project.

There is a need for age-appropriate housing and living space for the older generations in the whole of germany. In the vacation committee of the city it hieb on inquiry of CBB city councillor reimar gluckler that the city administration at present no new information is present to the planning status.

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