Mainfrankisches fotofestival: jens ritschel in the lead

Mainfrankisches fotofestival: jens ritschel in the lead

"The early bird catches the worm", says a proverb. The idea is that those who get up early get more out of the day and are more successful than others who want to sleep in first. The proverb definitely applies to jens ritschel. He is more often on the way "before the sun rises". The habfurter does not hunt for a worm, as the bird does, but for a sparing image. As a hobby photographer, ritschel uses the morning hours to have the best possible conditions for taking pictures in the landscape. "The best light is in the early morning and in the evening", says the 49-year-old, and his success proves him right.

Twofold competition
Jens Ritschel, who has been a member of the zeil photo club for several years, was extremely successful in a photo competition at the lower franconian level. He won prizes at the mainfranken photo festival of the DVF (german association for photography) in lower franconia. As the photo club explains, this is a twofold competition.

In the association-related part, photographs without a given theme were judged, and in the special part "mainfranken" pictures were demanded, which were taken in lower franconia and this year in addition the topic "water" had to have.

Numerous awards
With a total of one medal, four certificates and a further five acceptances, the participants of the zeiler photo club emerged very successful from the competition. Besides a medal and a certificate for helmut forster in the free theme, jens ritschel took the top places. He received two certificates and two acceptances in the special topic alone. In addition, he was awarded another certificate and two acceptances in the free theme.

Best in "water
in the addition of both parts of the competition, it achieved an excellent third place in the overall standings. On the special topic of "water he even became the best author. Considering the performance of the photographers in lower franconia, who make up one of the strongest and most successful districts in the whole of germany, "that's quite remarkable, the zeiler photo club is pleased.

Jens Ritschel had already discovered the hobby photography for himself in young years. Later he shifted to videos, before he returned to photos a few years ago. He has taken thousands of pictures with his camera. Mostly spontaneous, sometimes planned he chooses his motives. However: with his photos for the competition he was very successful in any case. The motifs for his excellent pictures were discovered by the 49-year-old, who works in a natural stone factory in zeil, in the water landscape near the habfurt airfield – the photo club and jens ritschel in high flight, you could also say.

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