Two years ago, the group "es owerbocher durftheater" appeared on the stage for the last time, and this year – keeping the biennial cycle – she plays again. On the schedule is the play "the confounded classroom". Turbulent like the "owerbochers matthias bachmann, who is directing the rehearsals, promises that the play will be a "normal" one.

Long preparation
Since the beginning of october, the actors have been meeting to read in, rehearse and fine-tune their roles. Eleven people play in the three-act play by regina rosch. And – all heartbreaking – in oberbach dialect. As in previous performances, the audience will again have the feeling of sitting secretly at the family table. Because that's where the events take their course, where the stage is set for entanglements, surprises and constantly changing situations.
And when a class reunion is planned, some people run the risk that long-forgotten youth stories could come out in the open. Some husbands have a well-kept secret, but their wives find out about them. And what would be a schwank without mistakes and confusions, which give the whole thing its proper root??
It will be very entertaining again when the oberbach amateur acting group performs for its audience. Because in many a role and many a situation, some people will recognize themselves – or will be glad that things are a little less problematic for themselves. But problems are with a swing only apparently the content. Laughter is allowed – and should be allowed. This does not detract from the lenten season.
The fact that laughter is healthy has long been part of the folk wisdom. And the audience can look forward to an evening when everyone can laugh at the top of their lungs. The actors will again give their best. And they will, so that everything "runs smoothly", supported by a reliable team. A total of 32 people are involved. Two of them, rainer ruttiger and roger muller-stahl, have already carefully and expertly built and painted the sets.

Schulz's proposal for the election of the head of the spd meets with skepticism

The idea of having the SPD chairman elected directly by party members in the future is by no means a foregone conclusion, according to faction leader andrea nahles.

"All this is still undecided. It is an offer of discussion. I think that’s important and right, too," nahles said in berlin. Many members wished that.

Goldman sachs profit rises 168 percent

Thanks to good business on the stock markets and lower taxes, the US investment bank goldman sachs earned significantly more in 2018.

The bottom line was a net profit of nearly 10 billion U.S. Dollars (8.8 billion euros), up 168 percent from the previous year, according to goldman sachs in new york. Earnings grew by twelve percent to just under 37 billion dollars.

Back in the win zone

Neuenmarkt – sunshine reigned at the annual general meeting of the diaconia association neuenmarkt-wirsberg-trebgast-harsdorf, because pastor peter ahrens, as chairman, loved to announce that the institution had returned to profitability for the first time after several years of difficulties. In this context, pastor ahrens highlighted the successful work of angelo henninger, who is decisively responsible for this positive development in the diaconia association. It was also gratifying to find a successor for dorothea promeuschel, who had managed the cashier's office at the diaconal association for 36 years, in manfred kolb from trebgast.
Local councillor karl pohlmann emphasized that the communities are pleased that the balance sheets of the diakonieverein have improved significantly in the last two years and that a good result was achieved in 2013. Pohlmann also wished for this economically successful work in the future. Pastor ulrich bohm reported on his experiences with asylum seekers in neuenmarkt. A group of 25 people from the community is currently working enthusiastically to provide help here.

Huge challenges
In his report, pastor peter ahrens pointed out that there were enormous challenges in the area of nursing care. In order to guarantee humane nursing care in the future, a radical change in awareness is needed not only in politics, but also in society as a whole. A first step in this direction is the increase in nursing care contributions, which the bundestag recently approved in order to provide better support for inpatient and outpatient care. The calculations showed, however, according to the chairman, that even more would be necessary to solve the problems of care. Using the example of washing the whole body of a person in need of care, pastor ahrens showed that patience is slowly running out, because since the introduction of long-term care insurance 20 years ago, the time available to the caregiver has dropped from 25 minutes to 12 minutes. "In industry, they would say that productivity has increased by 50 percent, but we are dealing with people, not machines."
Chairman peter ahrens was pleased to note that the balance sheet for 2013 has improved significantly. "We had asked angelo henninger as a business consultant to develop a concept and to carry out measurements so that we could get back into a green area economically." The magic word was "profit-oriented tour planning", and thus also the accumulated deficits were reduced. In 2013, personnel costs amounted to around 410,000 euros. Wage costs account for 87 percent of nursing revenue losses. The diaconia association currently has 468 members.
Ward manager margit weinlein reported on the daily work of the diaconia ward and explained that an average of 70 to 75 people are cared for and attended to. 

At a small ceremony on tuesday, the playground in stetten was put under the blessing of god by catholic pastor hans-werner alt and evangelical pastor anne salzbrenner after a thorough and very successful redesign by the city with the rough participation of the population, especially the children of course.

Due to a request from several stetten women, it was already on 10. On november 2016, the mayor andreas hugerich and his staff came to an initial site meeting to assess the condition of the square at that time and to discuss possible improvements with the population and, above all, with the main people, the children. These were put into practice in many ways, so that the site, which is located on the edge of the village but not out of the way, now proves to be an ornament in terms of its location, its playground equipment and its other facilities.

Because he was driving his car under the influence of alcohol, police officers in kulmbach compulsorily stopped the shopping trip of a 54-year-old man from the kulmbach district on saturday morning. The driver can now expect a fine and a driving ban.

Initial suspicions confirmed

Shortly before eight o'clock in the morning, a civilian patrol of the kulmbach police checked the opel driver in albert-ruckdeschel-strabe. The officers smelled of alcohol. A first test quickly confirmed the initial suspicion – the man had more than one per mille of alcohol in him.
He had to leave his car in a supermarket parking lot and accompany the officers to the police station. The policemen kept the dog for the time being. An alcohol test that could be used in court during the inspection finally revealed an alcohol level of 1.06 per mille. Thus, the man was just below the limit of absolute impaired driving, which is why he escaped criminal proceedings.

At the end of 2018, it still looked as if the tender little plant of agritourism in the frankenwald would not survive the winter. After almost five years, the bavarian ministry of agriculture’s model project of the same name came to an end in december, and klaus schaumberg cleared out his desk at the kronach office of the food, agriculture and forestry department.

15 highly motivated stakeholders

Should almost five years of intensive work have been in vain?? By no means. Although it was not possible to establish the initiative in an existing institution such as the nature park or frankenwald tourism. For this, 15 highly motivated actors from the areas of farm vacations, direct marketing, adventure farms, tourism and gastronomy were found, who founded the association "agrotourismus frankenwald" at the end of december grundeten.

The domizilium group of companies is still planning to build a new senior center with inpatient and day-care facilities as well as assisted living in wurzburger strabe in hammelburg. On request, the group of companies informed us that they were currently waiting for an answer to the preliminary building application from the district office of bad kissingen. The city council had approved the plans on the condition, among other things, that the two buildings would have no more than three stories above ground.

"The conditions we’ve been given so far mean we have to reschedule, but it’s doable", the group summarizes the current status, and: "an economically viable realization of the project is still possible, so we would like to continue working on the project."

Protest movement in Bahrain uses formula-1 for publicity

On the previous days, there had been violent confrontations between demonstrators and the police. According to the opposition, at least one person had been shot in the process. His body was found on a house roof on saturday.

King hamad bin issa al-chalifa tried to smooth the waters on sunday with promises of reforms. "I would like to emphasize my personal commitment to reform and reconciliation in our great country," the monarch said. "The door is always open for a serious dialogue with all our people."

Freeway bridge near thurnau is growing: three piers are already in place

An accident like the recent one in genoa, italy, could not happen in germany because of the close-meshed bridge inspections and the strict regulations of the federal office for road construction. Thomas pfeifer and georg muller, the man in charge of bridges at the northern bavaria freeway authority, agree on this.

In this country, they always try to rehabilitate in time. A current example is the friesental bridge near thurnau, over which the A 70 motorway runs.