During the CSU academy, worzeldorf’s CSU local association chairman theo deinlein and bad rodach’s CSU deputy local association chairman moritz regenspurger sealed a central-upper franconian local association partnership. "Both associations are structurally and substantively similar, which justifies the sense of cooperation. That’s why it’s important to use this basis and create a future concept for both local associations", report the two.

Furthermore, both bad rodach’s CSU and nurnberg-worzeldorf could rely on a strong young union. Regenspurger and deinlein therefore also see a partnership at the level of the youth association as sensible. "The young union is the motor of the christian social union. We need more young, engaged people in politics to focus on the issues of the future. Especially in view of the local elections, a healthy mix of young and old is important", says theo deinlein.

Spd does not want to become merkel's junior partner

"Something has gone out of kilter in our country. Germany needs a new balance," said party leader sigmar gabriel at the end of a "future congress" of the SPD parliamentary group. A balance between democracy and the market, the economy and social security, the top and the bottom: 1.3 million postcards are to be sent out to citizens to express their ideas for shaping germany.

The SPD formulates a clear claim to power one year before the federal election. "We are playing to win, not to place," said frank-walter steinmeier, chairman of the parliamentary group. One does not want to end up as a junior partner in a rough coalition. Alongside former finance minister peer steinbruck and party leader gabriel, he is seen as a possible candidate for chancellorship.

Until well after midnight, a total of 33 program points were on the program in a prunksitzung, above all with many dance high points. The three dance marionettes michelle wolf from gobweinstein, madlene eckert from pottenstein and most professional verena adelhardt from hannberg were magnificent. Over 70 dancers whirled the whole evening alternately over the parquet and the dance beginning made after the presentation of the princes pairs the 20 dancers strong group fun kids with the guard dance.

The show dances impressed not only with their dancing skills, but also with their ingenuity in creating a variety of colorful costumes. The smallest of the rasselbande were dressed this time as gummibarchen, the maxi-dancers as barbies or at the very end the manner of the castle gazelles first as ancient olympians and then as bavarian trachtenbuam and madla.

Hsh trial: ex-top bankers attack prosecutors

The charge is "completely unacceptable" to him, former chief executive hans berger told the 8. Gross criminal division of the hamburger district court. His former colleague on the board, jochen friedrich, declared: "i still consider my decision to be correct, even after reading the indictment, which is in large part uplifting."The defense attorneys of the defendants bernhard visker and peter rieck also "emphatically" rejected the accusations.

The public prosecutor's office accuses the six former board members of embezzlement in a particularly serious case. They had not carefully weighed the opportunities and risks in the complex "omega 55" deal in december 2007 and thus caused a loss of 158 million euros. Two of the defendants are also accused of accounting fraud, because the business was deliberately not correctly accounted for.

Hoeneb does not rule out resignation over tax affair

A remorseful uli hoeneb has spoken out extensively for the first time about his tax affair and no longer rules out resigning from his posts at FC bayern munchen.

"If i have the feeling that my person is damaging the club, i will draw consequences. On the other hand, the club is in better shape than ever before, both sport-wise and economically – and I played a big part in that. There’s no way I’m resigning before the champions league final," the president and chairman of the supervisory board said in an interview with the newspaper "zeit".

Saturn loses its rings faster than expected

The planet saturn is losing its majestic rings, and at a faster pace than expected. That’s what astronomers around james O?Donoghue from the US space agency nasa from an analysis of saturn’s atmosphere.

The ice particles of the rings are thus sucked out in comparatively coarse quantities by the gravity of the gas giant. In 100 million years the rings could have disappeared, explained O?Donoghue in a release from the university of leicester. The researchers present their analysis in the u.S. Journal "icarus.

When you have been exchanged in a person, you feel left alone, you react angrily, you are bitter and you would like to vent your anger. As loud as possible if possible. Even more so, when you have connected your own life with that of the other, admired person in such a way that you have given up your previous life for it.

New world order

Merkel and macron postpone joint eu reform plan

Due to the protracted formation of a government in berlin, there will be no franco-german agreement on EU reform in march as planned, according to a "spiegel" report.

The original intention was expressed by chancellor angela merkel and france's president emmanuel macron at the last eu summit in december.

New building the newly built district court in habfurt was built according to a design by the architectural office nieto sobejano. The internationally active firm founded by the spanish architects fuensanta nieto and enrique sobejano has won numerous awards and is considered one of the most important architectural firms of the present day.

In view of so much prestige, can there be two opinions about the new district court?? Yes, it can. The new building of the district court is "an urban development gain" for habfurt, says justice minister winfried bausback, for example. But what does the internet community say? We have asked on our facebook page and received a number of comments. Excerpts are printed anonymously in the following in loose order. Those who want to follow the whole process on the internet can do so on our facebook page.

Selfies in a place where people were shot and killed? "Maybe it sounds strange, but in the 21. In the 21st century, it’s okay to take a selfie," says a young tourist from hungary. "I wouldn’t say it’s inhospitable," agrees a friend of his.

The two stand at berlin’s east side gallery, the longest remaining part of the wall that fell 30 years ago. Smartphones, selfie sticks, cameras as far as the eye can see. Millions of visitors flock here every year, the east side gallery is a hot spot for trips to germany and visits to berlin. Almost 30 years ago, artists painted the east side of the wall. After the fall of the berlin wall, the building on the spree took on a new meaning. The visitors from hungary were well informed before their trip to berlin and also visited other historical sites, such as the memorial at bernauer strabe. Selfies are just part of it for her.