A life without pizza pockets

It was a week of coming, staying and going. The latter to the regret of many. This is how schneiders-back from schwarzach closes at the end of the year. This was confirmed this week by mark leibing, head of the family-owned company with six stores in the county. After all, other bakeries take over most of the branches. But the legendary pizza pockets on offer at schneiders-back, particularly popular with night owls, will probably no longer exist. And so the fans on the net are also mourning the mediterranean snack. One of them even asked if he could do an internship to quickly learn the art of pizza pocket making. He must have mixed things up, since interns usually only make coffee.

Style advice for the clergy?

47 of the 107 employees of the rene lezard fashion company in schwarzach will also have to leave. Glad that the location will be preserved at all, mayor volker schmitt pointed out that the company has been the second largest employer in the market town so far. Behind the operations of the munsterschwarzach monastery. Whether the clergy was not in need of stylistic advice is unknown – but unlikely. Black never goes out of fashion, as is well known. Regardless of this, schmitt attested that the affected people had good prospects of finding a job in the region.

Mitwitz – "built from living stones", this was the motto of the community celebration of the protestant church community mitwitz on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the community center.
The anniversary was opened with a festive service in the jakobskirche church, where pastor burkhard sachs gave the sermon. People are "living building blocks" the material from which god builds his church, he explained. That makes the building project particularly exciting, because no two stones are alike.
Pastor i.R. Heinz muller, under whose direction the "old school" was built the church, which was rebuilt and inaugurated in 1989, commemorated the event with a greeting. 25 years ago, when the massive tree removal was completed, the entire church community was happy that the building had been completed. Young people's group, women's group, senior citizens' group, children's choir, choir of the floten, church choir, trombone choir and the diaconia station were pleased with the new rooms. "At the same time we were all aware", so pastor muller "that this beautiful and with a lot of effort built house only makes sense if it is filled with life again and again."
So he was grateful that this had succeeded and that the community center showed clear signs of lively use. "It was good, dear mitwitzers, that you demanded, helped build and paid for this project back then." The festive service was musically framed by the gospel choir.
Afterwards, there was a colorful and varied program of festivities for young and old until the early evening hours. This includes, among other things, a traffic park in the parish courtyard for the children, a building block room, a play area and face painting for children.
The community festival was also enriched by a performance of the kindergarten, a book table, wood and knitwear sales, a rough tombola and a prize competition. Under the guidance of the mitwitz hobby historian friedrich burger there was the possibility to climb the tower of the jakobskirche and to visit the bells from the closest proximity.
There were information boards on the history of the old school and the origins of the community center. The youth group "teenkids poured cocktails. In the early evening hours, a "theatrical thriller" rounded off the event the community festival from: "bloody trail in the community center".
Half of the proceeds from the community festival will be used to maintain the community center, and the other half will go to the hospital ward of the partner deanery in tanzania. 

Back to the 'home at the stove': dgb warns against a return to the wrong image of women

"Equal rights are enshrined in the constitution", said DGB vice-chairwoman elke hannack to the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. "This should also be remembered by those who now want to start a new debate on conservatism", said hannack, who is also vice chairwoman of the christian democratic labor union.

"A new conservatism – what is that??", according to hannack. "A return to the home at the stove and the man as sole breadwinner – this role model has long since ceased to be viable." Women and men wanted to live a self-determined life and be able to better combine work and family life.

non-aggression pact? - chile and ecuador advance in draw

Gross wealth is no longer available from betting companies with a tip on a draw between chile and ecuador at the end of the world cup qualifiers in sud america. The odds for a draw are vanishingly small at the leading bookmakers.

No wonder, since the teams in third and fourth place with 25 points each stand to win a direct ticket to brazil 2014 if the points are shared in santiago de chile. In view of this constellation and with a view to the difficult task against argentina, who have already qualified for the world cup, uruguay (22 players) will probably have to prepare for the playoffs against jordan.

One day after the fatal shootings, the police in sparks announced further details on tuesday: the twelve-year-old perpetrator had brought the semi-automatic weapon from home to the school. The boy killed himself with a gunshot to the head on school grounds, said police chief tom miller. There was still no information about his possible motives.

Two twelve-year-old schoolchildren suffer injuries. They were hit in the shoulder and abdomen by bullets. Her condition was classified as "stable" several hours after the incident.

Once again, the 36 musicians, under the direction of martin reinhard, who is also the moderator, demonstrated their rough skills in the various musical genres.

After the opening march, a medley of various catchy theme tunes from popular television series was played. The first self-written piece of the band "klingend blech", who comes from the region rhon-grabfeld, heibt "aus heit`rer mood" and is a polka, a style of music that has experienced a real boom in recent years. The youth brass band also dared to tackle a particularly difficult piece, this time "in the stone" from the soul area. "It's totally tricky rhythmically, and during the endless rehearsals we also thought of giving up and not playing it", said reinhard.

President of kyrgyzstan resigns

In the power struggle in the central asian country of kyrgyzstan, president sooronbaj dscheenbekov has resigned. "I am not holding on to power," said in the capital, bishkek.

He does not want to go down in history as a head of state who allowed blood to be spilled and shot at his own citizens, cheenbekov said in an address to his compatriots published by his office.

Hairdressers in Kronach receive more than the minimum wage

The hairdressers don't understand all the fuss about the minimum wage for their industry, because according to the collective agreement, the pay for hairdressers is above the rate of 8.50 euros, which the minimum wage law requires from 1 january 2009. January prescribes.

"Those who are hardworking and committed even earn really good money", says master craftswoman carola beez, who runs several hairdressing studios in the kronach district. Those who perform well are rewarded with bonuses and commissions. This is also confirmed by her employee claudia raab from hablach near kronach. She has been in the hairdressing business for a quarter of a century, for two decades with carola beez. "The pay for us hairdressers is not as bad as people always say", confirms claudia raab. She used to earn very little, the longtime hairdresser remembers, but that has changed. "It's like any job. If I do my work well, I also earn accordingly."

finally a bvb success on a rough stage

Thanks to the polish player’s goal three minutes before the end, borussia dortmund was spared another bitter experience of dejà vu in the champions league. "We’re not standing there as blod as last year," commented hummels with relief, "finally, as the better team, we’ve been rewarded for once."

In contrast to the early knockout in 2011, borussia did not fall into a hectic state despite numerous missed chances. Sebastian kehl sees this as an indication of growing maturity: "we have proven to ourselves that we can also do europe – even to journalists."Visibly annoyed, the captain called for an end to public lamentations about the lack of international class: "i’m fed up talking about what went wrong last time. Let’s just make a hook under the thing."

Several thousand people demonstrated on saturday for more social justice. The german federation of trade unions (DGB), which had called for the demonstration, spoke of over 20,000 participants nationwide. With the demonstrations, the DGB wanted to send out a signal for a "change in policy" put. The largest rally took place in hanover.

The DGB, which is neutral in terms of party politics as it sees it, is not making any direct election recommendations. DGB positions can be found primarily in the election programs of the SPD, the greens and the left-wing party. In concrete terms, the unions are calling for a flat-rate minimum wage of 8.50 euros, measures to combat old-age and wage poverty, and a rent brake. Union politicians accused the DGB of siding with red-green.