Peter rosch triumphs

Peter rosch triumphs

"I am really satisfied", rosi bodner, chairwoman of the "tell neudrossenfeld" association, was pleased at the prize-giving ceremony for the burgershoot and the crowning of the new burger king at the inn werner.

73 participants from 21 teams, including a youth team, took up the rifle to hit the bull's eye.

The special thing about it is that only those who are not active members of a club can take part in the push. Therefore opportunity shooters were in demand and they wanted to try their luck, also to become burger king. For one year to be another regent from the population besides the mayor is a nice thing.

And then there was a surprise: the local councillor peter rosch, otherwise known as a good angler, had adjusted his sights ideally at the very end and succeeded with a sensational shot of 2.7 points.

The most determined so far at a burgershift. Rosch: "I had a lot of luck, but for my age I still have a steady hand". So far, he has only bollarded "you don't have to aim so precisely", he laughs.

Pushing was also a little international. For the russian artist pavel federov from st. Petersburg, currently living in muckenreuth at the gasthof werner, joined the team of the muckenreuth fire department and achieved a respectable score of 115.0.

It was worth taking part because the best teams received trophies and medals as well as non-cash prizes. 

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