Pleasure for body and soul: district and brewery search for traditional recipes

What do frankens hobby chefs cook when they want to make a particularly festive meal?? The district of lower franconia and the kauzen-brau are now pursuing this question in a joint campaign. Are there recipes that are passed down from generation to generation in french families? What are the traditional dishes: roast crust, duck breast, or perhaps the legendary wedding dinner??

It's time to remember our traditional cuisine again, emphasized district president erwin dotzel at the start of the culinary campaign. "In lower franconia in particular, it has been known since time immemorial that the enjoyment of good-tasting food and the corresponding drinks are good for the body and the soul", according to dotzel. No wedding, no christening, no confirmation without a sumptuously prepared menu. No christmas celebration, no anniversary, no anniversary without the triad of soup, main course and dessert.

"Surely you can find recipes everywhere in old cupboards and desk drawers, in handwritten books and loose-leaf collections that housewives once used to jot down their cake secrets.", agreed with him brewery boss karl-heinz pritzl.

This treasure should now be lifted, before the knowledge of all the culinary treasures is lost. Under the title "french holiday menus the district of lower franconia and the kauzen-brauerei (ochsenfurt) want to make these recipes available to today's cooks in an attractive and inexpensive cookbook.

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