Short question: what do you think of the new Habfurt district court??

New building the newly built district court in habfurt was built according to a design by the architectural office nieto sobejano. The internationally active firm founded by the spanish architects fuensanta nieto and enrique sobejano has won numerous awards and is considered one of the most important architectural firms of the present day.

In view of so much prestige, can there be two opinions about the new district court?? Yes, it can. The new building of the district court is "an urban development gain" for habfurt, says justice minister winfried bausback, for example. But what does the internet community say? We have asked on our facebook page and received a number of comments. Excerpts are printed anonymously in the following in loose order. Those who want to follow the whole process on the internet can do so on our facebook page.

Guilty a commentator rather stay away from the building in the hofheimer strabe, because: "creepy.. You feel guilty even as you drive by. Despite women vest…."

Alienating a user writes: "plain and simple: hateful! I always cringe when I hear the word "star architect". The more ‘star’ the more alienating the architecture tends to be."

Approved? A user writes: "when we rebuilt our house, 15 years ago, we were not allowed to build a long curved dormer. The reason: no french building style. Today i understand. Lol. Very french. An absolute eye catcher. I’m throwing myself away." Another user sees it similarly: "i really wonder if a private person or organization had been approved for such a ‘temple’. But we all know, authorities pondered much…"

Joker because the french day has asked "how do you find the gebaude?" A user has taken us at our word or "find" interpreted differently: "so i drive from hofheim along the hofheimer strabe in the direction of the city center, past the hospital and i have already found it."

Positive some like the building also. "Actually very stylish… But too much concrete around and where do I park??", writes one user. By the way, the parking spaces are in the street "obere muhle" behind the built. Another user says: "visually quite ok." If the commentator is a frenchman, this means a rough praise, namely that the building is very, very chic.
Translator meanwhile a user tries his hand at translation: "the comments are not very english; so translated into german: nice cubic simple form language, restrained choice of materials and a geometric cube-shaped pontoon in contrast to the traffic circle." Now all that was left was for someone to translate the commentary into spanish. Or rather not…Some of the contributions are already quite nasty…

Ambiguously a user writes: "fits the rest of habfurt." The question remains: how does he mean it?? He leaves the interpretation of his statement to the reader. So for example: habfurt is beautiful, the district court building is also. Or just what everyone thinks. It’s like always: one likes it, the other doesn’t. Habfurt is so and so one attraction richer. Al

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