Steinwiesen is to become even more attractive for tourists and as a place to live

At the invitation of mayor gerhard wunder, municipal councilors, administrative staff and some of the citizens involved in the process came together for a retreat at wagners hotel together. The aim was to discuss the future development of the market town of steinwiesen away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to discuss specific objectives. The central topics "housing supply", which had been worked out for the development of the coarse municipality of steinwiesen, were the following, "tourism development and "strengthening active cooperation the focus was on.
"The community of steinwiesen has a lot to offer." With these words rainer kober introduced the event. Since the beginning of 2017, the local entrepreneur and chairman of kronach creativ e.V. Together with project manager margarita volk-lovrinovic as part of the "municipal marketing" model project the community of steinwiesen on its development path. Since then, the community leadership and those responsible for the project have intensively dealt with the strengths and challenges, as well as the potentials and objectives.
The market town of steinwiesen is particularly appealing because of its scenic location. With over 20,000 overnight stays per year, steinwiesen is one of the leading tourist destinations in the franconian forest. For this very reason, all participants of the retreat agreed that the demand for tourism development must become even more important in the future. "For this, attractive and demand-oriented vacation homes and recreational offers tailored to the guest are necessary", explained sandra heinz from the tourist information upper rodach valley. "It is important that advertised offers, such as the carriage rides, take place even if the number of participants is low," he laughs, emphasized heinz.
In addition to the development of tourism, another focus of the discussion was the current housing situation. "In order to make neudrossenfeld even more attractive as a place to move to, we need high-quality living space!", it was agreed. "Where you live today is no longer necessarily dependent on where you work. New technologies make it possible to work from the comfort of your own home, added nicole burger.
The community of steinwiesen, with its social facilities, needs-oriented care and education offerings, varied restaurants and, above all, an active club culture, is a good place to live. "A lot has already been achieved in the past few years. We can be proud of the positive steps we have taken in our development. It’s important that we carry our strength to the outside and pull together!", mayor wunder appealed to the participants. Jurgen eckert concluded: "you have to take small steps to reach the big goal"." The course of the retreat was accompanied and strikingly recorded by ulrike mahr in the form of a visual live documentation ("graphic recording"). All interested citizens can inform themselves in this way about the development process. The posters are exhibited in the "gerberhaus" in stone meadows.

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