The cheat sheet is not needed

the cheat sheet is not needed

It sometimes happens that you are asked whether bad neustadt used to be in the germany or in west germany. Is this already thuringia or still bavaria?? As city leaders, monika iffert and josef-philipp ochsner have already experienced a lot. Now they have been honored for their 25 years of service. Anniversary as city leaders specially honored.

"They are the signboards of the city", michael feiler said in a ceremony in the seminar room of the city hall. The managing director of the tourism and city marketing gmbh and spa director thanked the two city leaders for their years of commitment. In the end, the two of them complete about 60 city tours a year, an average of about one a week. Often, guests only come into close contact with one of the city leaders during their visit to bad neustadt. First impressions count, and monika iffert and josef-philipp ochsner always get it right. "I used to carry a cheat sheet, but I don't need it anymore", laughs monika iffert. 25 years ago, she applied to the city for the post and was immediately accepted. Over the years, she has accumulated an enormous wealth of knowledge, which she is happy to pass on during various tours, including those she has worked out herself. Similar to josef-philipp ochsner. He already had plenty of experience with driving in the rhon. So the city tours were a natural choice. In the past, ochsner also organized slide shows for spa guests. Also a kind of guided tour of the city, but in front of the screen.
Through the town, across the market square, around the market barbel, along the town wall, into the churches, through the spa district, past the hotel schwan and the post office, past the old town hall, past the town hall and finally – the finale of many tours – up to the hohntor (hollow gate). At all stops, city leaders such as monika iffert and josef-philipp ochsner can captivate their guests with knowledge, words and anecdotes. "You have to be a little bit of an entertainer in this, too.", female michael feiler and praised the "stadtepedia-knowledge" of the two city leaders.
Monika iffert and josef-philipp ochsner always receive praise after their rides. And they are also happy to accept the praise for the city. "I didn't know bad neustadt was such a great city", or "it's all so neat and clean here already!" Horen iffert and ochsner again and again. And they are happy about the appreciative words, while the guests are happy about the professional and knowledgeable and in any case entertaining guided tour. 

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