The choice is now yours when it comes to playing

At a small ceremony on tuesday, the playground in stetten was put under the blessing of god by catholic pastor hans-werner alt and evangelical pastor anne salzbrenner after a thorough and very successful redesign by the city with the rough participation of the population, especially the children of course.

Due to a request from several stetten women, it was already on 10. On november 2016, the mayor andreas hugerich and his staff came to an initial site meeting to assess the condition of the square at that time and to discuss possible improvements with the population and, above all, with the main people, the children. These were put into practice in many ways, so that the site, which is located on the edge of the village but not out of the way, now proves to be an ornament in terms of its location, its playground equipment and its other facilities.

Everyone thanks everyone

The mayor’s thanks therefore went in particular to the committed citizens of stetten for contributing their ideas and their efforts, to the employees of the building office with dipl.-ing. Ulrich sunkel, holger heid and hans scheumann for the implementation of the m acceptance as well as the kindergarten consultant christian bauer for his commitment in the area of kindergarten and playgrounds. Edi meixner, a member of the stetten city council, thanked the mayor and the city for the uncomplicated implementation of the removal, taking into account the wishes of the children and their parents.

The safety of a playground is the responsibility of the city and the mayor, but it also needs god’s blessing and the playing children need above all a guardian angel so that nothing happens, affirmed pastor hans-werner alt.

When she meets children, she always remembers the words of jesus, as they are known from the bible: "let the children come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of god", stressed anne salzbrenner. When you see how the children interact with each other without problems or reservations, then you can learn from them. Finally, pastor alt blessed the entire playground by sprinkling it with holy water.

Afterwards, the many children, who had also come to stetten from the surrounding area, took possession of the playground. The main attraction is of course a multifunctional play combination of a swedish manufacturer with a climbing bridge and climbing net, various climbing possibilities such as different climbing bars or a free climbing wall and an integrated slide.

Two-seater stainless steel seesaw

Gymnastic boys and girls can shimmy around on a double bar. Just like the renovated revolving carousel, the rough swing was also taken over. New additions include a two-seater stainless steel seesaw, a toddler swing and two spring bouncers. In addition to the many existing benches, a toddler seating area was installed and the popular playhouse was given a new coat of paint. The total purchase cost of the playground equipment was 23,000 euros. For a small snack, both the stettener and the city provided with pretzels.

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