Things are getting even tighter in the wirmsthal needle ear

Things are getting even tighter in the Wirmsthal needle ear

According to information from the district office in bad kissingen, increased road traffic is expected in wirmsthal in may due to a construction site on KG 4 (above ramsthal). The problem of the needle's ear through the village was then allowed to become even worse.
The fact that this local thoroughfare was a problem, especially for farmers, had already become clear to the municipal councils of the market town of euerdorf in one of the previous meetings. Then gerhard buttner, the operator of the resettlement farm, pointed out how cramped it was there sometimes. "With my three meter wide tractor-trailer it is often adventurous between the parked cars", buttner made clear.

Parking prohibited during harvest time?
If he wants to drive from his farm below wirmsthal to his grain fields above the village, the farmer has no choice for detours. In the meantime, there are newer machines with a width of up to 3.60 meters in agriculture, says buttner. Apparently you need such rough machines to still be able to do the work economically.
That's why buttner emphatically demands: "parking ban in the entire local thoroughfare – at least during the harvesting season!". Sometimes the vehicles are parked so far away from the front of the houses that even the passenger can get out comfortably. When it gets too crowded for buttner's tractor-trailer team, he gets out and rings the bell for the driver to leave the house. "If they are old people, I have no problem. These residents then willingly drive a little to the side", describes buttner. But with new tenants he often gets a bad deal: "especially if they are foreigners who don't speak german well yet".
The local residents already observe the regular lorry traffic through its narrow passage with delivery vehicles in the direction of the landfill site. The navi(gation device had diverted them there, was the reason often heard. Vehicles weighing more than five tons were only allowed to pass through wirmsthal as suppliers for the ulsamer company. Will all truck drivers comply with the closure of KG 4 from may onwards?? – "remains to be seen how the traffic situation develops", says mayor reinhard hallhuber. In any case, he doesn't want to see the 40-ton trucks driving through the fairly new wirmsthal thoroughfare, which has been renovated at great expense. The approach for the trucks is B 287 (direction bad kissingen) or sulzthal.

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