This gefrabiger washable smashed window and stole birdhouse

This gefrabiger washable smashed window and stole birdhouse

Insurance companies in particular often have to deal with curious stories. Huk coburg can also tell you a thing or two about this, as it describes a case from the sauerland region:

an insured calls the insurance company. A window pane of the apartment had been smashed. A crystal clear and everyday case for household glass insurance. But only until the man also names the culprit: it was a washable.

It sounds like an insurance scam or a bad joke. A freaky washable almost turns into a burglar while foraging for food and leaves quite a mess behind.

But in fact: the gluttonous washable climbs onto the window sill of the first floor apartment, on which a birdhouse with peanuts can be seen. After he doesn’t get to the food right away, he unceremoniously lifts the house and shakes it vigorously. The nuts fall out, but the window pane does not hold and breaks. Afterwards, the prevented animal burglar makes off. The owner of the apartment sticks the window in an emergency and reports the case to his insurance company.

The washable was the sauerlander ubrigens no stranger: unmengen at fodder must fill the man again and again the bird house, in order to feed the allegedly hungry birds. Blackbirds, finches, robins or sparrows don’t get much of it, though. The washable always beats them to it and eats itself thick and round. Even titmice are not safe from the little pest.

But that’s not all: once again in search of food, the little barchen enters another birdhouse set up in the garden. He can no longer get out of it, as his girth has increased considerably. Strengthened by his culinary journey, and because nothing else remains for him, he disappears into the forest together with the house. During a walk, the policyholder finds the birdhouse again, but there is no trace of the perpetrator so far.

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