Three years of construction work on the needle pipe

Three years of construction work on the needle pipe

Andreas losch there is no way out, but there is a detour: because a more extensive renovation of the flood bridge was unfeasible, the schweinfurt state building authority simply built a new road.

Traffic will use it when the bridge has to be completely closed for partial reconstruction, as manfred rott, responsible for the habberge district construction office, explained on site in habfurt on friday. It was clear that a full closure and a long-distance detour were not an option – on the one hand there is the connection to wonfurt, in particular the delivery traffic "to the mull landfill", and also "many people from the steigerwald" reach habfurt over the flood bridge. A needle ear, because from the south habfurt it is the only access to the city over the main.

Restrictions to be expected

Now the building authority had the bypass road built, the next step is to widen the access ramp to the land of the FC habfurt, via which the traffic should reach the new road. Although rott finds that the traffic flow can be maintained as far as possible through the bypass, it is still possible to build a new road. However, during the almost three years of tree removal, "some restrictions are to be expected", he explained.

The flood bridge, built in 1888, consists of 20 stone volcano fields. By the way, the carol singers are not the reason why the bridge has to be renovated: the structural analyses carried out on behalf of the building authority showed that the roof and its foundation "can take the loads of the nowadays required bridge class 60 without any reinforcement measures". Look, they built fat-stable bridges 130 years ago. The reason for the renovation is "massive damage in the area of the superstructure slab, which was renewed in 1962", impaired is therefore, among other things, the stand security.

As manfred klamt, managing director of hochreither-vorndran, the engineering firm responsible for the overall planning, explains, the old concrete carriageway slab will be removed and a new carriageway slab will be placed on top using a special procedure. This will be without joints, because that was a problem with the preganger slab: water penetrated through the joints and caused damage to the structure. The joints in the stone bridge are now being repaired, and the bridge abutments are also being renewed.

The bike and fubweg remains next to the bridge and can be used normally during tree removal. Of course, at high water habfurts south is cut off. A full road closure is also necessary for a short time to level the road between the flood and main bridges and to pave the asphalt. The bypass road will be removed after completion of the bridge renovation, which will cost a total of around 9.4 million euro.

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