Turbulence at the family table

Two years ago, the group "es owerbocher durftheater" appeared on the stage for the last time, and this year – keeping the biennial cycle – she plays again. On the schedule is the play "the confounded classroom". Turbulent like the "owerbochers matthias bachmann, who is directing the rehearsals, promises that the play will be a "normal" one.

Long preparation
Since the beginning of october, the actors have been meeting to read in, rehearse and fine-tune their roles. Eleven people play in the three-act play by regina rosch. And – all heartbreaking – in oberbach dialect. As in previous performances, the audience will again have the feeling of sitting secretly at the family table. Because that's where the events take their course, where the stage is set for entanglements, surprises and constantly changing situations.
And when a class reunion is planned, some people run the risk that long-forgotten youth stories could come out in the open. Some husbands have a well-kept secret, but their wives find out about them. And what would be a schwank without mistakes and confusions, which give the whole thing its proper root??
It will be very entertaining again when the oberbach amateur acting group performs for its audience. Because in many a role and many a situation, some people will recognize themselves – or will be glad that things are a little less problematic for themselves. But problems are with a swing only apparently the content. Laughter is allowed – and should be allowed. This does not detract from the lenten season.
The fact that laughter is healthy has long been part of the folk wisdom. And the audience can look forward to an evening when everyone can laugh at the top of their lungs. The actors will again give their best. And they will, so that everything "runs smoothly", supported by a reliable team. A total of 32 people are involved. Two of them, rainer ruttiger and roger muller-stahl, have already carefully and expertly built and painted the sets.

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