Weidhausen invites tve to cellar duel in michelau

The upper district league handball players of TV ebern urgently need their first points. On sunday afternoon, 16.30 o’clock, they have the next chance in the michelau mainfeldhalle at TV weidhausen. TV weidhausen – TV ebern after the bitter bankruptcy at home against HG hut/ahorn, ebern is in zugzwang. TV weidhausen celebrated its first success in the away game in hallstadt, but both teams urgently need something to show for it if they are not to lose touch with the midfield.

The weidhausers around coach steinberger, for many years an established BOL team without relegation worries, will probably face relegation this year. With bauer and faber they lost two important players, also werner and recknagel are only limited available. With zapf and swoboda, the TVW still has a strong goalkeeper duo and has clear advantages over ebern in this position.

In the field, the main burden still lies on the tireless buttner brothers. The TVW is particularly strong when playing across the circle, and the ebern team also has to control the second wave with good backward movement. In this week of training, the ebern team has been working on chance-taking and tackling in defense: two points that have not worked well in the season so far.

However, there is one piece of bad news for the TVE: middleman friedemann durrbeck is out for an indefinite period of time. The club has not changed its mind about the reason. Haberl will certainly be absent, other players like muller and feldmann are still plagued with injuries.

However, these should not be excuses. The team’s and coach’s physical language and mood are still right. What is missing is a sense of achievement. If the attitude and determination of the ahorn game is right, as well as a well-considered and concentrated attacking game, it can be possible to keep the expected exciting game against weidhausen balanced for a long time and still decide in favor of the team in the end.

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