Call for severe punishment after death of bus driver in france

Call for severe punishment after death of bus driver in france

In france there is horror over the fatal attack on a bus driver. It was an "absolutely despicable, unspeakable act," interior minister gerald darmanin said during a visit to the city of bayonne on saturday evening.

The bus driver was attacked there about a week ago – preceded by a dispute over protective masks. The final funfiger died on friday. Politicians now call for tough punishments for the perpetrators, france’s prime minister promises firmness.

Darmanin met with bayonne’s mayor jean-rene etchegaray this afternoon – a meeting with security forces and bus drivers was also on the agenda. He made himself a picture of the safety on site. He knows that bus drivers, inspectors and subway riders are often afraid of the traffic. "We are here to reassure you"."This unprovoked violence must never be allowed to become a habit. France’s prime minister jean castex had earlier assured that justice would "punish the perpetrators of this heinous crime".

The driver reportedly asked a group of three men on his streetcar bus to wear a mask last sunday in bayonne, near the border with spain. At the same time a fourth man entered, whose ticket he wanted to control. The manner insulted the bus driver and attacked him; he was violently hit on the head. At the beginning of the week he was declared brain dead.

The bus driver philippe M. Was close to retirement and father of three children. "I feel like i’m in a nightmare," his wife veronique told the french press. "You don’t do something like that because of a bus ticket yet. You don’t just kill like that."

The bus driver was pushed off the bus after a verbal exchange at the balishon stop, an eyewitness recalls in the newspaper le parisien. Then he was kicked violently by men from the group against his head and upper body. Another witness describes how several people finally helped the man to stand up. He was bleeding and had difficulty walking. Then he collapsed – he was breathing, but he was no longer able to respond to questions. The perpetrators have fled.

Politicians are now calling for tough penalties. "This barbaric act requires the harshest sanctions against the four offenders," demanded the conservative mayor of nice, christian estrosi. "I think of his wife and children and call for severe punishment for these murderers," said conservative deputy eric ciotti.

Four suspects reportedly arrested. According to the report, two of them, a 22- and a 23-year-old, are being investigated for manslaughter, the other two suspects for failure to render assistance. Protests and memorial marches have been held repeatedly over the past week.

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