Apple chief apologizes in china

Apple chief apologizes in china

A "lack of communication" had created the impression that his company was "arrogant" and did not value the opinions of its customers, cook admitted in a chinese letter posted on its website. "We sincerely apologize for any concern or misunderstanding this may have caused customers."China is the second largest market in the world for the company after the USA.

The head of apple ordered an extension of the warranty period for the repair of an iphone 4 and 4S in china by another year. Cook also introduced more accommodating regulations for the replacement of damaged devices. Whereas in the past only parts were replaced or customers had to pay extra, today customers should be able to get a new iphone. The customer service in china should be more closely supervised and the staff of apple dealers better trained, wrote cook.

In a first reaction to the apology, the chinese newspaper "global times" on tuesday spoke of "a step in the right direction". The newspaper "qingnian shibao" said that the letter was about "misunderstandings", so it would be more appropriate to speak of an "explanation". In online comments, users highlighted that apple is bowing to the rough chinese market. "We have always respected china and chinese customers have always been a priority in our priorities," wrote apple chief cook.

The wave of uproar in china had begun in mid march, when a report by state television CCTV on world consumer day attacked the cell phone and computer company for alleged shortcomings in customer service. Chinese customers complain that they are treated worse in the warranty process than in other countries, or are even asked to pay for it. The campaign was accompanied in the media by coordinated comments of celebrities in social networks on the internet. While apple did not immediately respond to the allegations, other state media exacerbated the criticism, prompting regulators and consumer watchdogs to respond.

The communist party organ "people’s newspaper" even wrote in a commentary that it wanted to defeat apple’s "incomparable arrogance". Apple’s share price fell 3.1 percent on monday – the most since 24. January no more. The company has in any case been experiencing a decline in its share price on the stock market for months. The growth market of china is all the more important, and according to apple boss cook, it will soon replace the USA as the most important market.

It is unusual for apple to apologize, but it is not the first time. After the launch of the first iphone in 2007, the then apple boss steve jobs apologized and offered compensation because the price had been lowered shortly after the market launch, much to the annoyance of the first customers. 2010 there was another apology because of criticism of the reception of the antenna. In 2012, cook had to apologize when the new card service malfunctioned.

Similar to apple, the state broadcaster CCTV had also denounced volkswagen for problems with a gearbox, as well as audi, BMW and mercedes for allegedly damaging steam of steam materials. Some chinese internet users also took china’s state media to task, accusing them of only criticizing foreign companies and not having the courage to take action against chinese state-owned enterprises or to expose problems in their own country. So there is considerable anger among the population about covered-up food scandals, environmental pollution or corruption.

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