Youth brass band plays impressive christmas concert

Once again, the 36 musicians, under the direction of martin reinhard, who is also the moderator, demonstrated their rough skills in the various musical genres.

After the opening march, a medley of various catchy theme tunes from popular television series was played. The first self-written piece of the band "klingend blech", who comes from the region rhon-grabfeld, heibt "aus heit`rer mood" and is a polka, a style of music that has experienced a real boom in recent years. The youth brass band also dared to tackle a particularly difficult piece, this time "in the stone" from the soul area. "It's totally tricky rhythmically, and during the endless rehearsals we also thought of giving up and not playing it", said reinhard.

But the risk was worth it, and the high musical hurdle was mastered with flying colors. Absolute high point of the concert was certainly the piece "give us peace", better known as "dona nobis pacem", that left a deep impression on the audience. Martin reinhard, brother heiko and cousin michael gebner also showed their outstanding vocal skills and received the applause they deserved. After further pieces and the concluding christmas carol potpourri, the audience thanked him with standing ovations for an impressive concert, during which the "junior award" was presented for special youth work and the social commitment of the youth brass band grobwenkheim by the circle chairman Birgit Dohler was further verlangert.

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