Elbe rises again: work on dikes in full swing

Elbe rises again: work on dikes in full swing

The regions of saxony-anhalt affected by dike breaches are preparing for the renewed rise in water levels on the river elbe. While in fischbeck a wall of steel plates is to keep the water away from the village, the dike near breitenhagen was closed as best as possible, as a spokeswoman for the crisis staff of the state government said on thursday in magdeburg. Forecasters predict rapid rise in elbe levels after heavy rain in czech republic and saxony.

The flood forecasting center predicts that the level in magdeburg could rise to 4.60 meters by monday. The high point had here on 9. June at 7.46 meters, normal is just under two meters. In tangermunde, the crest could be reached on tuesday of next week at 5.50 meters.

On thursday, the dike near breitenhagen in the elbe-saale-winkel was closed, said a spokeswoman for the disaster staff of the salzland district. In breitenhagen itself, pumps were still running to clear the site of the receding floodwaters. People in the region were only able to return to their homes a short time ago. However, there are still rough problems with the supply of drinking water, electricity and the waste water. The dike had been breached under the waters of the elbe and later blown open further to allow the floodwaters to drain back into the river.

A wall of steel plates has been erected on the dike line near fischbeck since thursday night. As a spokesman for the county said, it should be ready by saturday noon. Three barges were sunk at the broken dike almost two weeks ago to prevent the water masses from flowing further into the elbe-havel region. However, some water is still flowing under the ships, and even the high is not enough to keep out a new flood, the spokesman said.

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