City council has set its sights high

City council has set its sights high

The kitzingen city council will have to hold its horses when it meets on thursday from 17:00 onwards.45 o’clock wants to manage its extensive agenda.

The range of topics is enormous. Here are some points that have long been on the agenda.

On the table is the application from andrea schmidt. The non-party city councilor has called for no more children to be housed in the controversial emergency housing area in egerlander strabe in the future. In addition, there are statistical figures on the current housing stock in kitzingen.

No more glyphosate?

An odp motion calls for a ban on the weedkiller glyphosate on city-owned land. Against the backdrop of the ongoing debate, the free voters have requested the suspension of the levying of residents’ contributions for the road extension in kitzingen.

Money for the animal shelter

Support for the financially troubled kitzingen animal shelter currently plays a role in all communities in the district. If it goes after the meeting draft, the city will transfer in the future a so-called fundtierpauschale of 70 cent per inhabitant over. For 2018 this was a good 14,500 euros.

What will become of the falter?

The city council is also to decide on the continuation or relaunch of the monthly magazine falter. The glossy magazine, which is co-financed by the city, has been around for six years, and now it is up for a new tender.

Several kindergartens benefit. The evangelical foundation kindergarten schreibersgasse has also applied for a grant, as has the catholic kindergarten st. Vincent in the settlement.

Other topics include the school demand of hoheim and sickershausen to the elementary and middle school siedlung as well as contract awards and budget overruns.

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