Free way for further loosening

Niklas schmitt now that summer is just around the corner, it’s a good thing that the old outdoor pool in herzogenaurach has also opened its doors for the whole day. After the corona-induced shutdown, there has been no action in the baths since the 8. June again operation. New specifications of the 6. Bavarian infectious disease control ordinance allows further relaxations since yesterday.

"The decisive factor was that the space requirement was reduced", says patrick geiger, head of herzogenaurach bader. Whereas previously a flat of 20 square meters per person was estimated, from now on this will be halved. That means, twice as many guests were allowed into the bath, concretely: 1050 instead of only 525.

People want movement

Despite the previous limitations, geiger says: "it actually started very well." It came mainly swimmers, less the sunbathers. "We simply notice that it is still restrained, for which we also have understanding." He was concerned with making it possible for many regulars to swim. "People just want to get moving."

Geiger has the hope that if the bathroom on the lunch break between 13.30 and 14.30 o’clock waived "also those come who want to spend a nice day in the open-air swimming pool", said the pool manager. In addition, from now on you can also use the showers in the indoor area as well as the hair dryers.

Accordingly, the entrance fees have also been adjusted. Not affected, however, are the still cheaper season tickets. Owners of such a card do not have to register when entering the pool, because their presence is registered by the season ticket. All others must continue to register with a form that can also be downloaded from the internet.

People stick to the rules

"We also notice that it is not a normal season", says geiger. On average, around 1,500 guests usually come on these days. Last year there were even 2695 visitors on the busiest day. This is not possible this year due to the restrictions alone. In addition, the manager notes that people are still reluctant so far.

For this, emphasizes geiger, the visitors showed understanding for the mabnahmen. If the pool is full, they will wait until someone leaves the water. "It is a joint effort." The lifeguards have not yet had to insist on distance and compliance with the regulations."We had no problems. We are grateful that the guests abide by the rules." Nevertheless the personnel will be increased after the further relaxation. Also, for example, to regularly disinfect the hair dryers. So geiger is happy about the relaxation decided by the bavarian government. "We hope of course that it will continue." Because the closure of the bath is also financially noticeable. But geiger also emphasizes: "we have to see how this develops." Because he does not want to take a risk, but on the other hand he wants to do everything so that the guests can enjoy the water and sun in the pool.

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