In streitberg, it’s easy to laugh about ecumenism

There were smiling faces while walking through the exhibition "oh dear god. 75 caricatures on ocumenism and the church" in the streitberger house martin luther.
Wolfgang streit from the diaconal work of bamberg-forchheim liked the bamberg market woman best of all the pictures: "everything from ecumenical cultivation"!", is written on their sign. On the neighbor's stand is written: "in aana domstodt kummd die damit net weit." "What is better in a human community than to laugh heartily together for once??", so dispute.
The connection between the diaconia and caritas is excellent, even though the ecumenical movement still has difficulties. It is important that the denominations come together at the grassroots level.

Solutions found

Caricatures were already used by luther to convey messages, says the deacon. With the deputy district administrator rosi kraus (CSU) and wiesenttal's mayor helmut taut (W), political celebrities were also present. "Ecumenism has been my theme for 40 years", known helmuth ochs from the catholic side. "We have found solutions that will be pondered over for a long time to come by the great people of the church", he said.
For the evangelical dean gunther werner, spirit and life are described in the cartoons. A representative of the bishopric of bamberg also had his say.
Fur roland baierl, head of the "project work in the archdiocese" office, the aim of the exhibition is to challenge the discussion about church and ecumenism: "a discussion that could do with a bit of humor". Especially such serious topics as the ecumenical movement need a bit of a lighter touch."

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