New school building is started in pressig

The municipality of pressig plans to tackle its major project this year, namely the new construction of its school in rothenkirchen. Total costs are expected to be just under five million euros. This year 600000 euros have been allocated to the project in the budget. As the head of the school and future mayor stefan heinlein (CSU) explained, the intention is to demolish the teacher’s apartment attached to the school building this year.

The last municipal council meeting under the leadership of hans pietz was dominated by figures, the farewell of the mayor and municipal council members who will no longer hold office in the coming legislative period. Because of corona this took place in the firehouse.

Before kammerer antonio sauchella went into the 2020 budget, he spoke of a aubergewohnliche time. First came internal restructuring, the move to the new premises on the first floor of the town hall, the municipal election and now corona. "Everything was turned upside down!"

According to his statements, the total budget for 2020 amounts to 10,461,050 euros, of which 6,930,750 is for the administrative budget. Around 3.1 million euros are earmarked for investments.

The focal points of the investments are, in addition to the new construction of the school in rothenkirchen, the roof extension of the middle school pressig, the second construction phase for the village renewal in friedersdorf, the alternative quarter for the kindergarten rothenkirchen, the renewal of the garden road and the inlet pipe with operating facilities in the clear plant pressig.

Stable property tax

The chamberlain assumes that property tax A and B will remain unchanged at 395,500 euros. In addition, business tax revenues of 500,000 euros are expected. However, the municipal share of the income tax was reduced to 1 800 000 euro because of the corona crisis. 1,547,500 euros have been budgeted for the district levy. Personnel costs amount to around 1,449,950 euros. The chamber expects the debt to amount to 6.9 million euros by the end of the year. This corresponds to a per capita debt of 1764 euros. The administration, however, expects income from the key allocations from the free state in the amount of 1,695,450 euros.

Sauchella also addressed the financial plan from 2021 to 2023. This provides for the further new construction of the elementary school rothenkirchen, the renovation of the upper floor of the town hall, a truck for the fire department pressig, the village renewal in friedersorf and fortschendorf and the renovation of the bathstrabe rothenkirchen. The budget and the financial plan were unanimously approved.

Without dissenting votes, the market town council spoke out in favor of including the children’s groups of the fire departments as part of the municipal fire departments. So far these were attached to the fire department association. As the mayor explained, the responsibility thus also passes to the commandant. At the same time the legal accident insurance protection for the members of the children’s fire departments applies and thus the same regulations as in the area of the youth fire departments and active fire fighters.

Green light for media room

Mayor hans pietz announced that the government of upper franconia has given the green light for the creation of a media room for the rothenkirchen elementary school. The impetus for this came from his successor stefan heinlein and antonio sauchella.

There was some melancholy in the mayor’s voice as he bid farewell to nine members of the council at the end of the public meeting. For him, too, a new chapter in his life will begin on friday. He emphasized several times that a "proper farewell party" was necessary will be made up. He hopes that this appointment can be scheduled this year. Hans pietz thanked the mandate holders for their commitment. Even if opinions did not always coincide, in the end a good solution was always found for the market town of pressig. During his twelve years in office, more than 80 percent of the resolutions were passed unanimously.

He also thanked his former deputy arno hoffmann, who died much too soon, his current second mayor wolfgang fortsch (SPD) and the other deputy klaus dressel (CSU) for their good cooperation. He also thanked his employees in the administration and the building yard, as well as the associations and all the citizens who were committed to their homeland.

"You have a heart for the citizens and "you have done a great service to the market of pressig", wolfgang fortsch praised the outgoing mayor. On behalf of all the groups, he wished hans pietz all the best for his new phase in life. And he concluded his remarks with a smile: "you just had to get along with us and we with you – and it wasn’t all that bad!"

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