Forchheimer volunteers to help in the philippines

Forchheimer volunteers to help in the philippines

Many people in germany were shocked by the effects of the typhoon that swept over the philippines a few weeks ago. What can be done to support the people concerned?? Donations alone were not enough for michael marks from forchheim. He quickly packed his bags on 17. November his suitcases and traveled to the island of boracay on his own initiative.

The obi employee has a special love for the philippines. This year he was already twice on the island – in january with his girlfriend carola and in may with his daughters. "I have grown very fond of the people", he reports via skype. "All international relief goods are brought to the crisis area of tacloban", explains the 43-year-old.

"Small islands, such as boracay, which are not as affected, are left to their own devices. But even here much has been destroyed." Then the connection suddenly breaks down. Due to the heavy rain, the power is already off again.

On sunday, the selfless helper will travel back to germany again. His girlfriend carola is very proud of her michael. "But of course I'm also worried, especially because he's on his own", she admits. He spent a total of two weeks helping the locals build shelters and lay power cables. He shared his experiences and uploaded pictures on his facebook page.

Friends and acquaintances support his volunteer work with donations. More than 1500 euros have already been raised in this way. What he buys with this money, he also documents in detail on his page. Things like paint, food or a gas stove are urgently needed by the people.He also helped rebuild a destroyed children's home. He has brought food, clothes and flip-flops for the children. "I already have a name here. They call me angel or santa claus", he reports quite excitedly.

Moving impressions
It will be difficult for him to come to terms with the experiences he has had in the last two weeks. When the internet connection comes up again briefly, he comments:" it's already very close to my heart. My eyes fill with tears when I see a little boy guarding his apple like a treasure." Also 'on facebook he writes: "i can't sleep and it's already 3:27 am… Too many images in my head." But he has never regretted the decision to fly.

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