Kulturbunt has been active in hammelburg for 15 years

kulturbunt has been active in hammelburg for 15 years

The members' meeting took up the theme of the very first event, which was spine-chillingly cold and featured the silent film "nosferatu with piano accompaniment was shown. It was cold in the rathauskeller this time as well, but all the visitors quickly warmed up as they watched the review presented by martina bay and gudrun lienert, who pointed out the highlights of the last few years.

Great cabaret artists like z.B. Urban priol, volker pispers, sigi zimmerschied, hans-gunther HG butzko, claus von wagner were in hammelburg before they started on the very rough stages. Rough events with gondola rides on the local pond at the italian night or kites and fireworks at the chinese (city) wall, small montmartre with art market were highlights at kulturbunt. Not to forget the project "cinema in special places", in the hairdressing salon, in the car repair shop, in the garderie or in the raiffeisenbank, for example, the appropriate film could be enjoyed with the appropriate food.

A fast-paced hunt for the bride

And there was also film at the current members' meeting: another silent film, this time with rhymes in viennese, recited by actor ralph turnheim at breathtaking speed. Because turbulent was the story with buster keaton's "seven chances" , the story was about an inheritance of seven million, which would only be paid out if the protagonist, jimmie, was able to live to his 27th birthday. Married on his birthday. The birthday was just on this day, and buster keaton had to hurry to get the right bride in front of the registrar. The audience was enthusiastic and almost forgave the inhospitable room climate.

Kulturbunt said with this film thank you to all members who have been loyal to the association for years. Currently the 123. Special honors were given to founding members, without whom kulturbunt would not exist. As you would expect from the board members, this honor was also presented in a witty and creative way: the honorees received a "kulturbunt cross of merit on a ribbon on a velvet cushion".

Werner bergmann, one of the honorees, gave a witty laudation in which he pointed out, among other things, that the board was made up exclusively of women and that many men could only marvel at the speed and crazy ideas that had been presented over the years. With the reference to the planned events in the current year, such as the figure cabaret with josef pretterer, the swimming pool festival "cool at the pool" and further cabaret artists in may and october, it was shown that kulturbunt will continue to organize small art in hammelburg on a high level and thus expand the cultural offer.

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