The kersbach fire department has a new chairman

the kersbach fire department has a new chairman

18 years ago to the day, peter drebel was elected head of the voluntary fire department in kersbach. At the time, drebel probably never even dreamed that he would be unable to relinquish his position as chairman for the next 18 years. But now he has done it after all and resigned from his management duties.

In his last report, drebel therefore reviews his time as chairman of the board. He cited the acquisition of the new fire truck, which forchheim's leading firefighters had tried to prevent, as a particularly significant event. At that time, the belief still prevailed that no district fire brigades were needed. The construction and 2007 inauguration of today's fire station were further highlights of peter drebel's three-term term of office.

When asked if there had been any negative, sad or annoying events during his time in office, he was unwilling to recall any: "where people work together, there are bound to be differences of opinion. But this is not tragic", drebel dismissed.

No regrets, no melancholy
Drebel emphasized that he was giving up his office without regret or melancholy: "with two smiling eyes, dressel said.

On the one hand, because a burden is now lifted from his shoulders. Laughing on the other hand also because the fire department kersbacher is doing well.The people of kerbsbach honored drebel's work by appointing him honorary chairman.

The members of the kersbach fire department association elected dietmar schneider as drebel's successor. At the same time, schneider announced his intention to hand over his office as commander to new hands in june.
Also treasurer ludwig A. Preusch gives up after eighteen years. The members elected klaus hofmann as his successor. Previously, preusch had noted a positive development in the association's finances during his term of office.

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