The moon does not love to show itself

The moon does not love to show itself

It was supposed to be a meditative moonlight walk. It became a tragic evening. In the best sense.
Because what pastor helmuth bautz drove to the staffelberg on thursday, got along without moonlight and nevertheless happened in its presence. Quite meditative enough.
So there we were at 9 pm at the parking lot in romansthal, in a group of 40 people, trusting that the moon would keep the promise of the oecumenical spa and vacation chaplaincy.
Evangelical pastor bautz asked the evening hikers one question: "what do i want to live in 2018??" Living, not experiencing, mind you. A question, bautz was to admit with a laugh in the aftermath of the event, to which he was also inspired by the national team's world cup exit. So what to do with a half-finished world cup, or rather, with a half-finished world cup?. A half-begun life or just a half-gone 2018. Midyear – time for prospects.

The summer was on a break

But the theologian emphasized that it is also a matter of profile. A frequently mentioned term on that evening when a pleasant wind passed through the grass under an overcast sky. Summer was on a break, but it smelled very good. An evening like silk and as if made for contemplation and inner reflection, served by "dear god. That god," he said during a few songs sung together, "gave each person a profile. In keeping with this, bautz highlighted a psalm that explained the dimension of the value that a human being has in the eyes of god. The talk was about being "called by name" and a name gives shape to the creature and was. To consider this was also something like a homework assignment for the route up to the mountain or around its plateau.
A particularly beautiful moment, however, preceded this in time, when the group saw an opening in the cloud cover above the monastery of banz, which indicated how the light conditions really were when the clouds were not there. Some people might think that this is an allusion to a line from matthias claudius' "der mond ist aufgegangen" ("the moon has risen") equals.
For it is bright, even if you don't see it, just as claudius says on the occasion of a half moon "do you see the moon standing there, it is only half to be seen, and yet it is round and already." At the end, singing two stanzas of the same evening song together under lime trees in the darkness in front of the adelgundi chapel. This is how meditation works.
The fact that the moon did not keep any promise that evening was seen as an afterthought.

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