Grobubung simulates fire in the kurgartnerei

"Every year a grobubung in a different district", the district fire inspector harald albert of the volunteer fire department of bad kissingen took care of it. This year, the "fire department action week" included the following activities the district of hausen on the training plan. This time the fire was in the spacious buildings of the spa.

The fire brigades from aschach to oerlenbach and nudlingen had to go into action, whereby some of the town's fire brigades stayed in front in case a serious incident should occur somewhere during the almost three-hour training session.

In addition to the nearly 150 participants from the volunteer fire departments, who also included a good dozen "injured" people made up in real makeup, the firefighter was also able to demonstrate his skills around 70 red cross firefighters from all over the district were involved in this operation. With around 40 blue-light vehicles, there were even traffic jams on the road in front of the upper saltworks, as the vehicles first had to be instructed in the extensive, but in part quite cramped area.

Realistic fire scenario
In addition to the now customary smoke in the buildings, the training management had come up with something new: with several beamers and flickering red lights, a very realistic fire scenario was recreated in the wax houses with their multiple reflecting glass surfaces – the screams of the injured thereby increased the impression of reality. And yet another "community the people in charge loved the idea: due to a burst water pipe, all hydrants on the gelande auber were out of order; the water had to be brought from the saale in several hose lines.

City fire inspector harald albert explained the background of this decision: the kurgartnerei had to pay a lot of money, because all hydrants on the land of the kurgartnerei, which are also used for watering the plants, are equipped with water meters. And since more than 2500 liters of water per minute were sprayed from almost 20 jet pipes and the two helical pipes on the rotating ladders used, this had a very unpleasant effect on the next water bill.

For some it was long
In the meantime, the red cross had established itself in the parking lot of the theresienbrunnen fountain and set up a mobile first-aid station there, while its emergency command vehicle took up a position in the entrance area of the kurgartnerei opposite the emergency command vehicle requested from oerlenbach. The light giraffe came from euerdorf and firefighters from all over the county were represented, as well as the red cross had mobilized 70 volunteers from the rapid response groups from all over the county.

Nevertheless, for one or the other of the "injured", it was a very pleasant experience a little long until he could be introduced to one of the three doctors who had been deployed. After all, the injured actors had already taken up their positions in the unheated wax houses or even outdoors just half an hour before the rehearsal began. So it's no wonder that one of the injured loved to say: "I've died, I'm going home to warm up".

All in all, however, it was an exercise which, with very few mistakes, brought together fire departments which are otherwise rarely in action together. And the cooperation with the red cross and the integrated rescue control center in schweinfurt was not neglected either. Representatives of the local politics, as well as a technical adviser of the technical aid organization, representatives of the public utilities, the water rescue, the police as well as some commanders of the not used defense forces could convince themselves of it.

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