How does the water come out of the tap?

"The completion of the rehabilitation work on the high reservoir in zeitlofs is a good opportunity for us to show the public a few things that otherwise tend to remain hidden", water manager matthias hauke described the idea for this information event. "And the citizen can also see exactly what is happening with his money and tax money", mayor wilhelm friedrich (CSU) explained.

The people in charge had put together an extensive and interesting program for the drinking water day, which started on sunday morning at the treatment plant near the grieshof farm. During hourly tours, hauke and his colleagues not only explained the technical equipment in the building to the visitors, but also explained how the many pipes and devices work. Whether flat-bed aerated. Single-layer filter, UV system or demand pumps – the experts provided detailed information on all the requisites.

On this occasion, hauke also brought up some impressive figures. The pipeline network is around 35 kilometers long, with over 22 kilometers located directly in zeitlofs. 772 subscribers with a population of 2050 are currently supplied with drinking water. The most recent peak demand measured in the core community was 395 cubic meters per day, while in detter the figure was still 285 cubic meters. Between 180 and 200 storms a year are reported by the sensitive measuring devices. "But these problems are usually solved quickly", the water manager explained to the guests that it was mostly just a matter of technical details. The situation is quite different in the case of a complex pipe burst, which sometimes first has to be localized externally.

While the visitors to the treatment plant were still marveling at the presented payers, fittings, pipe cross-sections, as well as the striking display boards and other exhibits, a few dozen wanderers had set off from the town hall with mayor friedrich. They wanted to explore various objects of the water supply, including the well room 1, to fub.

Around lunchtime, the action shifted more and more toward the elevated reservoir above the settlement, which has existed since 1971. The renovation work, which has now been completed, began in august 2017 and cost around 450 million euros.000 euros. The two chambers of the facility, which is located 318 meters above sea level, can store a total of 500 cubic meters of water. Since one room is currently still dry and empty, it was even possible to take a look inside the stainless steel-lined rondell, especially in this area, the people in charge kept a close eye on cleanliness. Access was not allowed without the overshoes provided for the trench shoes.

Naturally, such an extensive excursion causes hunger and thirst for all those involved. The village community of zeitlofs had provided drinks, snacks and cakes at both stations.

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