Taster session with nudlinger spatzen

Since september 2016 the children’s choir "nudlinger spatzen" exists the choir community frohsinn. During this time, the young singers have already made a whole series of appearances. The choir recently shone at the 125th anniversary of the choir community, where it received enthusiastic applause for its performance from the large audience.

After the summer break, on wednesday, 11. September, at 5 p.M., the nudlinger spatzen begin preparations for the next performances in the rehearsal room in the old school nudlingen. All children between the ages of five and twelve who enjoy singing are cordially invited to this rehearsal for a trial lesson.

Sound training

Singing is not only fun, but also good for body and soul, promotes social interaction and the development of intelligence. Under the guidance of lena ney, the children receive sound vocal training and learn the correct breathing technique for easy and safe singing. The selection of songs is varied and ranges from cheerful to contemplative. For the spatzen, however, the focus is not only on the choir work, but above all on the joy of doing things together. That’s why a tinkering session is built in now and then, and in september the first joint excursion is planned.

The next projects of the young choir are the participation in the nudlingen advent concert and the children’s choir concert in bad bocklet next spring.

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