Hairdressers in kronach receive more than the minimum wage

Hairdressers in Kronach receive more than the minimum wage

The hairdressers don't understand all the fuss about the minimum wage for their industry, because according to the collective agreement, the pay for hairdressers is above the rate of 8.50 euros, which the minimum wage law requires from 1 january 2009. January prescribes.

"Those who are hardworking and committed even earn really good money", says master craftswoman carola beez, who runs several hairdressing studios in the kronach district. Those who perform well are rewarded with bonuses and commissions. This is also confirmed by her employee claudia raab from hablach near kronach. She has been in the hairdressing business for a quarter of a century, for two decades with carola beez. "The pay for us hairdressers is not as bad as people always say", confirms claudia raab. She used to earn very little, the longtime hairdresser remembers, but that has changed. "It's like any job. If I do my work well, I also earn accordingly."

Collective wage is higher
One of the customers at "hairkiller at hussitenplatz in kronach, andrej friesen quickly gets a trendy hairstyle from sabrina. The man from kronach thinks it's good that the hairdressers are paid accordingly, even if he has had to pay a few euros more in the past because of it. Hairdressers used to earn far less, the woman says.

Carola beez doesn't understand the whole discussion about the minimum wage – as it relates to the hairdressing trade. "The standard wage is already higher than the minimum wage", she says. There are different wage groups, depending on years of employment and training. The range extends to just under nine euros. But that is not all. "Those who perform well and are friendly to customers are rewarded with bonuses and commissions", she promises an even better salary.

Training is important
Carola Beez sees a challenge for hairdressers in the future in good training. "There we must invest." And they don't let up with their employees and send them to further training courses. "Good training is important. There is still much in the argen", says the hairdresser. And further: "when the young people have finished their training, they must be good workers." However, many a good worker is snatched away from her after training.

Gradual alignment
The head of the hairdressers' guild, edith wunder, also emphasizes that the minimum wage "is not an issue for us hairdressers, because we have always kept to the tariff". The hairdressers are not affected by this in terms of costs, because the adjustment has been made gradually. "It was better that we harmonized the rates, and it was better that we stuck to the tariff," says the hairdresser, the supervisor is sure.

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