Are the local entrances already enough?

Local gardeners could design these driveways, was the idea. A financial approach should be provided.
Mayor german hacker (SPD) was of the opinion that the local entrances were already highlighted or spared in many places. His proposal: the administration prepares a selection of possible sites for improvement and clarifies the framework conditions. Then the planning committee could discuss what should be done, and then solicit bids.
The mabnahmen are also not so easy, because the invaders are mostly not in municipal responsibility, but belong to the state or the county.
Dieter handel (SPD) from niederndorf does not like it. He mentioned the entrance to his village coming from erlangen, which is not at all attractive because of stored junk cars and old tires. Only perhaps two kilometers further pits in the city herzogenaurach, in high of the vocational school, but schone signs and flowerbeds. Although it is the same street.

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