The young franc in the wine glass

With 22 percent each of the schoppenangebot are with the 71. Franconian wine festival, which took place from 15. Up to 20. August in volkach takes place, silvaner, bacchus and rotling the racers. At the pre-tasting for frankens grobte schoppenfete, 40 winegrowers and stand operators selected mainly young wines from the 2018 vintage at the volkach schelfenhaus on thursday. Riesling, weibburger and several red wines are also on tap at the weinfest site.

"Dry silvaner continues to be the flagship of french viticulture", said hermann mengler. The wine consultant of the district of lower franconia moderated in a humorous manner the wine test series, in which also some wine sovereigns and symbolic figures of the region took part.

Rotling is the shooting star

Bacchus is the absolute favorite among the semi-dry wines. "Rotling is the shooting star who appeals to a wide audience." 66 percent of the wine at the wine festival is made up of these three wines, 15 percent of the reds. "This time we have only young wines on offer, vintage 2018", said mengler and added: "the wine festival visitors want the "young modern franconia" get to know and experience."

Regarding the quality, he said: many wines are not simple table wines, but upscale wines that have been specially aged according to certain criteria and bottled in 0.75 liter bottles. Mengler’s motto for years "produce less wine and increase the quality", goes with it.

Regarding the current situation in the local vineyards, the viticultural consultant said: "at the moment, everything is in order." The water supply for irrigation is currently still sufficient. Even if the current heat period the "turbo" after the grapevine growth has rounded off, mengler is optimistic about the 2019 vintage: "if everything stays like this, it will be another top vintage."

The head of the tourist information, marco maiberger, informed about the novelties of the wine festival and the details of the program, which is six days this time due to a holiday.

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