Two dead after shooting at u.s. School – schutze was twolf

One day after the fatal shootings, the police in sparks announced further details on tuesday: the twelve-year-old perpetrator had brought the semi-automatic weapon from home to the school. The boy killed himself with a gunshot to the head on school grounds, said police chief tom miller. There was still no information about his possible motives.

Two twelve-year-old schoolchildren suffer injuries. They were hit in the shoulder and abdomen by bullets. Her condition was classified as "stable" several hours after the incident.

The teacher michael landsberry, according to eyewitnesses, wanted to come to the aid of schoolchildren and paid for his courage with his life. Shocked schoolboy says he saw young gunman’s gun and ran toward boy. This then aimed at landsberry and printed, a 13-year-old told the newspaper "reno gazette-journal".

He himself quickly fled, but then heard more shots, the boy described the incident.

Landsberry was considered a popular math teacher and soccer coach at school. The ex-soldier had served in afghanistan as a member of the national guard of nevada. Last weekend he celebrated his wedding anniversary.

The crime occurred at a school in the village of sparks near the casino town of reno. The motive of the shooter gave puzzled. "It’s too early to tell if he was targeting specific people or if it was a random shoving match," reno deputy police chief tom robinson told the CNN network. He was a "very nice boy" and always made others laugh, a classmate told the TV station.

Mayor geno martini said the city of sparks is very safe, according to the las vegas sun. It was an "isolated case. Martini expressed his sympathy to the members. More than two dozen counselors and psychologists cared for troubled schools, staff and families. On wednesday evening (local time) a vigil was to be held in front of the school to commemorate the victims.

After the rampage in newtown in mid december 2012, many in america had hoped for stricter gun laws. President barack obama made it a major political issue, but then the republicans and the gun lobby got the upper hand. Senate votes down bill to impose stricter controls on gun buyers. Even proposals for a ban on military weapons or crude magazines were shot down.

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